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Join us for opening of "In Flux" solo show by Hele

“In Flux” by Hele

13/01/22 - 12/02/22

Flux - late Middle English: from Latin fluxus, from fluere ‘to flow’.

M/Gallery, located on the first floor of M/Darbnica, presents “In Flux” solo show by Latvian contemporary artist Hele featuring original textile works, drawings, analogue photography, and installation pieces. Inspired by the constant movement in nature - flowing rivers, sunrises and sunsets, growth and decay - “In Flux” explores the different flows in both our surroundings and our inner lives. With each breath, we change and the world keeps changing around us. Through “In Flux”, Hele celebrates the power of nature and the healing that it provides.

Opening night: 13 January, 18:00-23:00

RSVP: Facebook

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