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About M/Darbnīca

M/Darbnīca is one of the most popular cultural spaces in Riga.

M/Darbnīca has a contemporary art gallery and bar on the ground floor and an elegant concert space on the first floor.


We offer versatile spaces. They can be used for a wide range of events, from conferences to parties or product presentations. Our wide range of rental options will be tailored to your needs, adapting the space and offerings for smaller groups and groups of up to 300 people. 

We take care of all the logistics so that you can enjoy your event to the full. We can bring visions to life and our creative team will develop original ideas and bring them to life, tailored to your interests and possibilities. We have all the necessary technical equipment and also offer a bar, bartenders, waiters, and professional security to guarantee a pleasant and safe environment for any visitor. We can tailor the drinks offered to your preferences and provide a high-quality catering service.


Take a look at what M/Darbnīca has to offer and let us help you create and share your special moment!


Let's Bring Your Vision to Life!

Get in Touch


Karmena Turka

+371 29 446 170

We provide


1. Space for up to 300 people 

2. Two-floor venue with outdoor terrace

1st floor: Art gallery and bar

2nd floor: Concert hall and bar

A landscaped attic for your backstage

3. Full-service bar

Bartenders, servers, security – everything you need

4. A wide range of music from live music to DJ set

We can help you choose the best musicians and DJ

5. Screen and sound system available

6. Gourmet catering

Collaboration with Austra and others

7. Authentic interior

8. Terrace in the warm season

9. Tailor-made rental options to suit your needs

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