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RUSH HUSH by Endless Roar

RUSH HUSH by Endless Roar


Black vinyl. First Press. Silk screen printed hand numbered artwork included. All analog recording.

You are listening to a slice of time in Endless Roar’s evolution, warmly captured on tape in the winter of 2018. Since its conception the group has ventured through Noise, Ambient Drone, Electroacoustic and Art-Rock territories before arriving at its current state - Free Improvisation.

At its core, Endless Roar has always sought to create situations where a small group of musicians may access and express their most inspired ideas within a flow of shared musical space-time. The giant technological leaps in our day and age have been a fountain of inspiration- we have always hacked electronic gadgets together to set in motion complex interactions where something new can emerge. We do not seek to defy musical rules, but to make up our own rules together as each moment of the music unfolds to discover what could be. We love making this kind of music because in doing so, we are challenged to listen more and more creatively. We warmly invite you to play a creative role in listening also, and to discover your own story and experience of this record together with us.

RUSH HUSH is a tone poem describing polar opposites- the frenzied pace of city life on one hand and the spaciousness of nature on the other. In the Baltics, the seasons also swing heavily from days of bitter cold darkness to ceaseless blazing light, transfiguring both man-made and natural environs. This bi-polarity of spaces and moods is where this album finds its name and structure. Side I dives headfirst into the fray, demanding extremes of speed, dynamic and density, while Side II is an absolute escape to a world of texture, color and atmosphere.


released October 25, 2019

Stanislav Yudin - Upright Bass, Pipe, Looper, Effects
Arvydas Kazlauskas - Baritone Sax, Soprano Sax, Looper, Effects
Jachin Pousson - Drums

All music composed by Stanislav Yudin, Arvydas Kazlauskas and Jachin Posson. Recorded on December 05.2018 at LokoMotiv Room. Recording Engineer: Varis Kurmins. Assistant Recording Engineer: Martins Saulespurens. Tape Engineer: Balvis Trinkuns. Analog Mastering at MY45. Mastering Engineer: Dominique Klatte. Produced by Mareks Ameriks. The hand drawn illustration: Sara Chong. 3D artworks: Martins Dabolins. Combined and edited artwork: Jachin Posson. Sleeve Design: Edgars Ameriks.

This album was recorded live direct to analog tape using a Studer A 80 1/4” two-track tape recorder without any editing or overdubbing. Vinyl lacquers were cut directly from master tapes on a Neumann VMS70 cutting lathe using a Vinylium SC-99 cutting head.

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