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CODEX FAENZA by Ilze Bertrand

CODEX FAENZA by Ilze Bertrand


Black vinyl, Audiophile, 1st. press. 8 page insert with liner notes on English, French and Latvian. Heavy cardboard sleeve.

14th century European music, interpreted by harpsichordist and organist Ilze Bertrand, playing from sheet music written in the 15th century from the Codex Faenza collection (Biblioteca Comunale Manfrediana di Faenza).

Performed on a medieval clavisimbalum built by master harpsichord builder Kaspars Putrins, based on sketches from the 15th century.

This album was recorded live direct to analog tape using a Studer B 67 1/4” two-track tape recorder without any editing or overdubbing. Vinyl lacquers were cut directly from master tapes on a Neumann VMS70 cutting lathe using a Neumann SX74 cutting head.


released October 30, 2020

Ilze Bertrand - Clavisimbalum

All music performed by Ilze Bertrand. Authors unknown except A1Jacopo da Bologna, B3 - B4 Guillamue de Machaut.
Recorded on July 29. - 30. 2019 at Nurme Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lauciene, Latvia.
Recording Engineer: Kaspars Putriņš
Tape Engineer: Kaspars Putriņš
Lacquers cut at duophonic by Moritz Illner.
Producers: Kaspars Putriņš, Mareks Ameriks.
Front Cover Artwork: Zane Putniņa
Insert Photo: Oskars Upenieks
Sleeve Design: Edgars Ameriks.

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