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M/Darbnica is a cultural centre located in one of the iconic Fon Stricka mansions in Riga. Established in October 2020, its goal is to support talented people across various cultural fields - from music to art to dance, theatre, poetry, and mindfulness - M/Darbnica provides a platform and an open space for exploration, education, and curiosity.

Wed - Sat from 6​ PM




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The first floor welcomes you into the art world of M/Gallery, where every two months you will find a new exhibition of contemporary Latvian art, as well as a concept store and a bar. Follow us to the second-floor jazz club, where from Wednesday to Saturday you will catch the most brilliant local and international musicians who will take you away into the magical world of jazz.


Enjoy live music on our jazz stage, vinyl DJ sets and underground parties. Our bar is stocked with wine and cocktails and more.


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