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The PRE-ORDER of the M/DARBNĪCA album "LIVE AT THE M/DARBNĪCA vol.1" has started, featuring 13 live concerts reflecting Latvian jazz around the world. 


Pre-order the first run of the album on bandcamp: 

JRA020 bandcamp-4.jpg

Burgeoning Latvian jazz scene captured in Riga's culture center and famous jazz venue M/Darbnīca. 13 concerts recorded all-analogue, live direct-to-tape from August 2022 till January 2023 represents literally who is who today in Latvian jazz.

Releases October 27, 2023 

Recorded from August 2022 to January 2023, at the M/Darbnīca, Riga, Latvia. 

Recording Engineer: Mārtiņš Krastiņš. 
Tapes prepared for vinyl release by Mareks Ameriks and Mārtiņš Krastiņš 
Analog Mastering at Jersika Studio. Mastering Engineer: Mārtiņš Krastiņš. 
The lacquers were cut at MY45 
Digital Mastering at HELI media. Mastering Engineer: Mārtiņš Krastiņš. 
Compilation produced by Mareks Ameriks and Maija Moira Mazanova. 
Photo: Maija Moira Mazanova. 
Sleeve Design: Edgars Ameriks. 

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