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M/Gallery ir mūsdienīgās mākslas galerija, kas atrodas kultūras centra M/Darbnīca pirmajā stāvā. Atrodoties vienā no vēsturiskā Fon Stricka Villa ēkām, mūsu durvis Jūs ielūgs uz intriģējošu pretstatu starp veco un jauno, tradicionālo un eksperimentālo, atverot jūsu prātus uz jaunām atklāsmēm.


Ar izstāžu programmu, kas rotē katru otro mēnesi, M/Gallery centīsies ielūgt jūs izbaudīt dažus no interesentākajiem un aizraujošākaiem mākslas piedzīvojumiem un pieredzēm Rīgā. No gleznām līdz fotogrāfijām, skulptūrām, izdrukām un plakātiem, mēs prezentēsim dažādus mākslas darbus, iekļaujoties labās cenās, ko var izpētīt un novērtēt gan virtuāli, gan arī dzīvē. Te jūs varat iepazīties ar mūsu māksliniekiem.

Lūdzu, sazinies ar mums par mākslinieku pieteikumiem, pieejamajiem mākslas darbiem, mākslas darbu nomas iespējām vai citiem jautājumiem!

M/Gallery is a contemporary art gallery hosted on the first floor of the cultural centre M/Darbnīca. Situated in an iconic historical setting of one of the Fon Stricka Villa mansions, our doors will welcome you to the intriguing juxtaposition of the old and new, traditional and experimental, opening your minds to new discoveries.


With an exhibition programme rotating on a bi-monthly basis, M/Gallery will endeavour to introduce you to some of the most exciting art in Riga. From painting to analogue photography to sculpture, prints and posters, we will be presenting a range of mediums on offer, all within an affordable price range, to view in person and virtually. Familiarise yourself with our artists here.

Please send us an email with any enquiries, artist submissions, and available works for sale.

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Laura Kaktina

Giving In
9 September - 17 October 2021


Press links: Riga Live

Press release: LV, ENG

Pricelist | Limited edition prints

M/Gallery presents “Giving In,” a solo show by artist Laura Kaktiņa, which showcases 10 new original paintings inspired by the Latvian landscapes, namely Kurzeme’s coast - Pāvilosta and Jūrkalne.

Kaktiņa’s work is characterised by earthy tones and smooth, calming colour fields. The near-perfect symmetry and positioning of the objects within the landscapes pay homage to Laura’s background in graphic design, where the visual language follows strict rules of composition. Whilst the aesthetic aspect of Kaktiņa’s paintings is all about controlled application, the poetic message behind the collection is quite the opposite; it’s about letting go of the desire to control.

Read more on M/Gallery website.


Emma Sofia
Here's the Key
15 July - 27 August 2021


Press links: ArterritoryTV Net

Press release: LVENGRUS


M/Gallery presents a solo exhibition dedicated to the Latvian contemporary textile and visual artist Emma Sofia. Emma creates work that questions issues in society, environment, and human behaviour in our fragmented post-digital world. Here’s the Key will present 11 large-scale works by the artist, which will aim to attract an audience by making them outthink the obstacles that trigger these issues.

Emma Sofia’s artistic oeuvre across various mediums – from paintings, to tapestry, to tufted wall hangings – propelled Emma to gain international recognition and be dubbed as one of Latvia’s most promising young artists, having won the public vote at the Baltic Young Artist Award in 2017.

Read more on M/Gallery website.


Pavel Hafizov

AIR 3.0
7 January - 12 July 2021


Pricelist ENG

Press: TV Net

M/Gallery is proud to present AIR 3.0, a new body of work by contemporary artist Pavel Hafizov. The black and white collection of clouds has been produced by Hafizov throughout the pandemic and represents his reflection on the times that we’re in through an interpretation of the ephemeral world just above our heads.

In the words of Hafizov, a cloud represents a mystical object that ties Earth and Sky together. In each of his works, Pavel strives to create the perfect cloud, whilst knowing that is impossible. Hafizov’s work can be found in private collections across Latvia, the USA, France, Switzerland, Ukraine and Russia.

Read more on M/Gallery website.


Aleksandrs Puntuss

Many Faces

1 October - 27 December 2020

Posters available in our online shop.

Aleksandr Puntuss understood that he was meant to be a painter 13 years ago, after a vision he had in a tram on the way to the supermarket. The first painting that appeared to him was of many faces on a black background. When he saw that image in his head, he knew he had to learn how to build a frame, where to buy the canvas, oil and paintbrushes. Six months later, his first artwork called #2 was completed, and the rest is history.


Puntuss paints with oil, often mixing techniques and experimenting with mediums. His style is Neo-expressionism, which is characterised by intense subjectivity, vivid colours and rough, violent brushstrokes. Puntuss’ large-scale paintings translate strange forms and subjects into something recognisable and visceral.

Read more on M/Gallery website.

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